January 1985
  • Space technology aids restoration of Venetian buildings
  • Rocket launch marks end of era: payload records ultraviolet emissions
  • A New Year's message from the Center Director
  • Aerobee rockets
  • Space technology
  • AMPTE satellite creates world's first man-made comet
  • Employee profile: deputy project manager handles resources for international programs
  • Retirees
  • Dr. Louis W. Uccellini gets AMS' Meisinger Award
  • Red Cross cites blood donors
  • South pole data link installed
  • Silver Snoopy Awards presented to employees: individuals commended for support of shuttle missions
  • Goddard solicits proposals for commercial space platform
  • Goddard mourns
  • Director to address Center employees
  • Presidential Award presented to Center
Responsible Office
Office of Public Affairs