As an official publication of the Office of Public Affairs of the Goddard Space Flight Center, the Goddard News is the the oldest, contemporary, first-hand account of events surrounding the people and projects at NASA Goddard Space Flight Center. Its first issue was published on October 17, 1960, five months before the Center's official dedication. Originally published monthly, its length and publication frequency varied. During its final years it was published weekly.

The Goddard Library has a bound 40-year print run of issues from October 1960 – August 1999. The online collection was scanned by the Library from their print copies. Not every issue published during this time was available for scanning, thus some years are incomplete. Issues of its successor, Goddard View, are available at (link is external)

Certain personal information has been redacted from scanned PDFs. Although its inclusion may have been common practice 40 years ago, it could now be considered sensitive PII. This includes names and ages of family members who do not work at Goddard, mother's maiden name information, home addresses, and date and place of birth. Obituaries and articles focused on the achievements of a Goddard employee's family member were not redacted unless they contained home addresses. The library retains unredacted copies of these PDFs. Those doing genealogical or other appropriate research may contact the library to request a copy of the original scanned issue.

This collection may be searched by keywords, article titles, decade (sidebar), and by the full-text of issue PDFs.