These statistics are based solely on data in the Goddard Authors and Publications collection.

What statistics can be found here?

The statistics include the number of publications written by authors in each Organization Code, the top journals in which Goddard Authors publish, and the most frequently published authors.

Where do they come from?

The statistics represent what is currently in the Goddard Library Repository Authors and Publications Collection.

How are they counted?

Multiple Goddard Authors may be listed on a single journal article. If there are multiple authors from Code 600, the article will only count once in the statistics for Code 600. If there are authors from both Code 500 and Code 600, the publication will count twice: once in the Code 500 statistics, and once in the Code 600 statistics. Also note that the Goddard Authors and Publications collection is not comprehensive. Please refer to the Goddard Authors homepage for information on what the collection contains.

How often are they updated?

The statistics are compiled and updated weekly

Why are there Organization Codes listed that don't exist anymore?

Since directorate realignments do occur, Codes can change over time. As much as possible, the Codes listed in the statistics represent what they were at the time of publication.

Code 600 Statistics Details

Who and what is included

Authors (and their publications) that list Goddard Space Flight Center (Goddard) as their affiliation in a journal article, conference proceedings, or book chapter will be added to the GSFCIR, unless:

  • The account in is listed as ‘Terminated’ at the time of harvest, or the author does not have a corresponding account in (relevant for consultants).
  • The author is listed as a Post-Doc, Grad Student, Student Trainee, Temp or Fellow in This includes Post-Doc Fellow, Post-Doc Researcher, NRC Fellow, Co-op Student, and/or Student Intern.
    • This also includes Visiting Fellows, Visiting Research Associates (not regular Research Associates), and Visiting Scientists. The Harvest Process occasionally requires some research and judgment calls made by the Metadata Librarian at this point.
  • Their employer and/or title in the (NASA Enterprise Directory) NED is listed as "Science Collaborator".
  • The publication is from work done prior to the author’s association with Goddard and the Goddard affiliation is recorded as something to the effect of: "Current Address: Goddard Space Flight Center..." or "Corresponding Author...".

If the affiliation listed in the publication is not Goddard, but the author is listed in as a contractor with the affiliated company (SGT, Trinnovim, etc.), then they are added.