The Goddard Library is committed to the collection, maintenance, distribution, and preservation of the intellectual output and digital assets of the NASA Goddard Space Flight Center. The Goddard Library Repository was created to store, distribute, and preserve the digital resources of NASA Goddard Space Flight Center (GSFC) for the information needs of the Goddard and NASA communities and the general public.

The goals of the Repository are to manage, preserve, and maintain Goddard's knowledge assets and provide access to Goddard digital content. Key goals in developing the repository are to:

  • Provide access to Goddard's digital resources
  • Increase the number of digital collections available
  • Create new digital collections of value to the Goddard community
  • Collaborate with NASA staff and officials in the development of digital library systems, standards, and services.

The Repository is developed and managed by the Goddard Library using the open source Fedora Repository Software. The basic requirements established for the repository included the ability to:

  • Accept custom metadata and vocabularies
  • Support external linking
  • Handle a variety of access restrictions
  • Support flexible workflow for submission
  • Support content repurposing and web services

The Repository content consists of collections produced or controlled by the Goddard community. A collection is a group of digital objects and metadata related to the work of the Goddard Space Flight Center and the Wallops Flight Facility. The collections may be organized in various ways such as by project, organizational code, subject, or author. Some of the collections may be subject to guidelines and restrictions determined by Goddard and NASA administration.

The primary criterion for inclusion in the repository is original work created by a current member of the Goddard community. These works should be in digital format and the final version, ready for distribution. Items deposited into the repository are encoded using the Goddard Encoding Metadata (GEM) Schema, which is the repository's metadata for describing NASA Goddard's resources, and other metadata schemas appropriate for the specific collection.

The Repository can accept items in any digital format, including text, images, audio, and video. Since items in the Repository are distributed without viewing software, contributors of materials using a proprietary format are encouraged to provide an additional copy in an open format. The item must be complete and ready for distribution. It is the responsibility of the content contributor to create the content in digital form or convert the items to digital file formats.

STI and Records Management

This Goddard Library Repository is not intended to replace any existing Goddard or NASA systems nor is it part of the STI Program or records management services of the Goddard Space Flight Center. Contributors are still responsible for compliance with NASA publication and STI dissemination procedures as outlined at the following sites: NF 1676, Document Availability Authorization (DAA) and NPR 2200.2C


The Goddard Library Repository complies with the privacy policies and guidelines stated in the NASA Web Privacy Policy and Important Notices at