GEM Schema

The GEM (Goddard Encoding Metadata) Schema was developed by the NASA Goddard Space Flight Center Library for use with existing and potential collections. The GEM Schema is, primarily, a descriptive metadata schema used for searching and displaying information about documents in the Library's Institutional Repository. The GEM Schema was created to encompass metadata pertaining to various document types, including but not limited to: PDFs, images, video, audio, Word Documents, Power Point Slides, and Datasets. The following documentation demonstrates how to work with the GEM Schema and provides examples of how to implement the Schema in XML (Extensible Markup Language) format. This documentation is meant to be an overall guideline for the GEM Schema; collections within the Institutional Repository will often have other specific guidelines and requirements.

Other Metadata Formats

While the GEM Schema is the primary metadata schema used by the Goddard Library, it is not appropriate for use in all of the Library's collections. The Goddard Author's Collection uses the NLM (National Library of Medicine's) Journal Publishing Tag Set, the NCBI (National Center for Biotechnology Information) Book Tag Set, and an extension of MADS (Metadata Authority Description Schema).