Complete List of Colloquia Series

The presentations included in this collection are grouped into the following series. Use the link in the series name to browse the sub-collection. Currently active series have a link (Series website) to their home pages.

Engineering (Series website)

The Goddard Engineering Colloquium, presents spring and fall series on a wide range of engineering as well as non-engineering topics. Presented at about the level of Scientific American articles, the talks have proven to be quite popular with both the technical community of engineers and scientists and a more general audience. The Library’s collection of this series starts in 1997.

Information Science and Technology (Series website)

The Goddard Information Science and Technology Colloquium Series, IS&T, is hosted by the Goddard Chief Information Officer. The series was established to promote awareness of Goddard's focus on information sciences and technologies. The Library’s collection of this series starts in 2000.

Scientific Colloquium (Series website)

The Goddard Scientific Colloquium series sponsors presentations on scientific results of interest to the entire Goddard community. The topics are not limited to the earth and space sciences but cover the whole range of scientific endeavor. The Library’s collection of this series starts in 1967.

Systems Engineering Seminar (Series website)

The Systems Engineering Seminar series includes seminar presentations on Systems Engineering concepts, philosophies, principles, and practices. It is co-sponsored by the Mission Engineering and Systems Analysis Division (MESAD) of the Applied Engineering and Advanced Technology Directorate(AETD), the Office of Human Capital Management, and the Innovative Partnerships Program (IPP) Office of NASA Goddard Space Flight Center (GSFC). The Library’s collection of this series starts in 2000.