10 Years of Infrared Exploration with the Spitzer Space Telescope


  • In March of 2004, within a few months of the start of the scientific mission of the Spitzer Space Telescope, I talked here at GSFC about the scientific results that were only just starting to emerge from NASA's Great Observatory for infrared exploration of the Universe. Ten years later, we are awash in Spitzer data, and exciting new results continue to pour in from the observatory, which has now completed about a quarter of a revolution around the sun as seen from Earth. In this talk, I will summarize the latest scientific results from the Spitzer warm mission, which started in mid-2009 and relies totally on the 3.6 and 4.5um arrays of the IRAC camera built here at GSFC. I will highlight results on exoplanets and on the early Universe, two of the prime areas of study from Spitzer in recent years. In addition, I will present results from a selection of the many investigations which Spitzer has carried out in other scientific areas, including results of particular interest from the cryogenic mission.