Sitting on the Fence: Launching a Balloon in the Outback

On April 29, 2010, a NASA High Visibility, Type B Mishap occurred at the Alice Springs International Airport in Alice Springs, Northern Territory, Australia. During the launch attempt of the Nuclear Compton Telescope (NCT) scientific balloon payload, the payload inadvertently broke free of the launch vehicle and was dragged by the wind-driven balloon through the airport fence and into the privately owned vehicle of a spectator. While no injuries occurred, the payload suffered extensive damage and several spectators were nearly struck. NASA convened a Mishap Investigation Board (MIB) to investigate this event. The MIB collected data and evidence and, using NASA’s Root cause Analysis methodology, was able to determine to proximate, intermediate, and root causes. The Board’s investigation, findings and recommendations are discussed in this case study.
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Australian Balloon Case
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Accidents, Decision making, Failure, Launch vehicles, Safety
Nuclear Compton Telescope (NCT)
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