Code 600 Statistics Details

What statistics can be found here?

The Goddard Library Repository has also broken down statistics within 600 for each year, with information on the number of articles published, the percentage of the total code 600 articles, and the articles published in most for each

Where do they come from?

The statistics represent what is currently in the Goddard Library Repository Authors and Publications Collection.

How are they counted?

When viewing these statistics, please note that multiple Goddard Authors may be listed on a single journal article. If there are multiple authors from Code 614.1, the article will only count once in the statistics for Code 610s. If there are authors from both Code 614.1 and Code 698, the publication will count twice: once in the Code range 610 statistics, and once in the Code range 690 statistics. Also note that the Goddard Authors collection is not comprehensive. Please refer to the Goddard Authors homepage for information on what the collection contains.

How often are they updated?

The statistics are compiled and updated weekly

Why are there Organization Codes listed that don't exist anymore?

Since directorate realignments do occur, Codes can change over time. As much as possible, the Codes listed in the statistics represent what they were at the time of publication.

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