Publication Statistics for 2013

These statistics are based solely on data in the Goddard Authors and Publications collection.
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Goddard Authors & Publications collection, 2013:

Code# of Articles% of Total Articles# of Journals/BooksTop Journal/Book
10010.07%1World Neurosurgery
30010.07%1Reliability And Maintainability Symposium (rams), 2013 Proceedings - Annual
400241.64%16Optics For Euv, X-ray, And Gamma-ray Astronomy Vi
5001178.01%75Applied Superconductivity, Ieee Transactions On
600140095.82%244Astrophysical Journal
80030.21%3Frontiers In Education Conference, 2013 Ieee; Journal Of Applied Polymer Science; Space Science Reviews
Other251.71%13Astrophysical Journal
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Top 10 Journals, 2013 (total 1382 articles):

Journal Title# of Articles from Journal% of Total Articles from 2013
Astrophysical Journal19714.25%
Journal Of Geophysical Research - Atmospheres825.93%
Journal Of Geophysical Research - Space Physics654.7%
Astrophysical Journal Letters533.84%
Atmospheric Chemistry And Physics433.11%
Geophysical Research Letters433.11%
Monthly Notices Of The Royal Astronomical Society412.97%
Astronomy & Astrophysics332.39%
Journal Of Geophysical Research - Planets251.81%
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