Publication Statistics for 2011

These statistics are based solely on data in the Goddard Authors and Publications collection.

Goddard Authors & Publications collection, 2011:

Code# of Articles% of Total Articles# of Journals/BooksTop Journal/Book
10020.13%2General Relativity And Gravitation; Nasa. Tech Briefs
20020.13%2Issues In Science And Technology Librarianship; Science & Technology Libraries
30040.26%3Cryogenic Optical Systems And Instruments Xiii
400161.04%13Aerospace Conference, 2011 Ieee
50016010.37%65Nasa. Tech Briefs
600143292.81%246Astrophysical Journal
70010.06%1International Journal Of Digital Earth
80010.06%1Advances In Space Research
Other624.02%31Astrophysical Journal
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Top 10 Journals, 2011 (total 1292 articles):

Journal Title# of Articles from Journal% of Total Articles from 2011
Astrophysical Journal19314.94%
Journal Of Geophysical Research - Atmospheres544.18%
Journal Of Geophysical Research - Space Physics544.18%
Astronomy & Astrophysics493.79%
Astrophysical Journal Letters483.72%
Atmospheric Chemistry And Physics473.64%
Geophysical Research Letters382.94%
Astrophysical Journal Supplement Series372.86%
Monthly Notices Of The Royal Astronomical Society342.63%
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