Publication Statistics for 2010

These statistics are based solely on data in the Goddard Authors and Publications collection.
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Goddard Authors & Publications collection, 2010:

Code# of Articles% of Total Articles# of Journals/BooksTop Journal/Book
20010.07%1Science & Technology Libraries
30020.14%2Annual Reliability And Maintainability Symposium, 2010 Proceedings; Reliability And Maintainability Symposium (rams), 2010 Proceedings - Annual
400372.53%19Geoscience And Remote Sensing Symposium (igarss), 2010 Ieee International
50014810.1%73Ieee Transactions On Nuclear Science
600136393.04%247Astrophysical Journal
80030.2%1Polymer Engineering And Science
Other694.71%33Astrophysical Journal
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Top 10 Journals, 2010 (total 1144 articles):

Journal Title# of Articles from Journal% of Total Articles from 2010
Astrophysical Journal18916.52%
Journal Of Geophysical Research - Atmospheres887.69%
Astronomy & Astrophysics605.24%
Astrophysical Journal Letters524.55%
Monthly Notices Of The Royal Astronomical Society514.46%
Journal Of Geophysical Research - Space Physics514.46%
Atmospheric Chemistry And Physics383.32%
Geophysical Research Letters363.15%
Remote Sensing Of Environment211.84%
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