Publication Statistics for 2007

These statistics are based solely on data in the Goddard Authors and Publications collection.

Goddard Authors & Publications collection, 2007:

Code# of Articles% of Total Articles# of Journals/BooksTop Journal/Book
10090.64%8Cryogenic Optical Systems And Instruments Xii
30070.5%7Uv/optical/ir Space Telescopes: Innovative Technologies And Concepts Iii
400251.79%21Publications Of The Astronomical Society Of Japan
50016711.95%97Uv/optical/ir Space Telescopes: Innovative Technologies And Concepts Iii
600128591.98%238Astrophysical Journal
70020.14%2Ieee Transactions On Nuclear Science; Photogrammetric Engineering And Remote Sensing
80030.21%218th Esa Symposium On European Rocket And Balloon Programmes And Related Research
Other735.23%28Astrophysical Journal
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Top 10 Journals, 2007 (total 1136 articles):

Journal Title# of Articles from Journal% of Total Articles from 2007
Astrophysical Journal16514.52%
Journal Of Geophysical Research - Atmospheres786.87%
Geophysical Research Letters706.16%
Astronomy & Astrophysics494.31%
Astrophysical Journal Supplement Series383.35%
Journal Of Geophysical Research - Space Physics373.26%
Remote Sensing Of Environment282.46%
Monthly Notices Of The Royal Astronomical Society232.02%
Publications Of The Astronomical Society Of Japan232.02%
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