Cheung, Cynthia Y.

  1. Ryan A, Kletetschka G, McKinney E, McIntire L, Fercana G, Schwebler K, Romine G, Jackson B, Cheung C, Parsons A. LIFTING OF THE CLAST BY WATER AND ICE; AN EXPLANATION FOR THE TRAILS OF THE RACETRACK AND BONNIE CLAIRE PLAYAS. In: Abstracts with Programs - Geological Society of America. Geological Society of America, Northeastern Section, 46th annual meeting; Geological Society of America, North-Central Section, 45th annual meeting; March 20-22, 2011; Pittsburgh, PA, USA, United States. 2011. p. 139.
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  2. Clark P, Curtis S, Minetto F, Cheung C, Keller J, Moore M, Calle C. SPARCLE: ELECTROSTATIC TOOL FOR LUNAR DUST CONTROL. In: Space, Propulsion & Energy Sciences International Forum: SPESIF-2009 (AIP Conference Proceedings Series Volume 1103). Space, Propulsion & Energy Sciences International Forum: SPESIF-2009 13th Conference on Thermophysics Applications in Microgravity and the 6th Symposium on New Frontiers in Space Propulsion Sciences and the 1st Symposium on Astrosociology along with the Workshop on Future Energy Sources and the Works ... ; 24-26 Feb. 2009; Huntsville, AL, USA. 2009. p. 608-614.
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  3. Curtis S, Brandt M, Bowers G, Brown G, Cheung C, Cooperider C, Desch M, Desch N, Dorband J, Gregory K, Lee K, Lunsford A, Minetto F, Truszkowski W, Wesenberg R, Vranish J, Abrahantes M, Clark P, Capon T, Weaker M, Watson R, Olivier P, Rilee M. TETRAHEDRAL ROBOTICS FOR SPACE EXPLORATION. In: 2007 IEEE AEROSPACE CONFERENCE, VOLS 1-9. 2007 IEEE Aerospace Conference; MAR 03-10, 2007; Big Sky, MT. 2007. p. 69-77.
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