Threat, Felix T.

  1. Shiri R, Stein R, Murphy K, Hagopian K, Salari S, Sankar S, Hagopian J, Showalter M, Stevenson T, Quijada M, Threat F, Friedlander J, Dillon T, Livas J. FABRICATION OF PETAL-SHAPED MASKS FOR SUPPRESSION OF THE ON-AXIS POISSON SPOT IN TELESCOPE SYSTEMS. Rev. Sci. Instrum. 2016;87 (4):6.
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  2. Nowak M, Cleveland P, Cofie E, Crane J, Davila P, Eegholm B, Hammond R, Heaney J, Hylan J, Johnston J, Ohl R, Orndorff J, Osgood D, Redman K, Sampler H, Smee S, Stock J, Threat F, Woodruff R, Young P. CRYOGENIC PERFORMANCE OF A HIGH PRECISION PHOTOGRAMMETRY SYSTEM FOR VERIFICATION OF THE JAMES WEBB SPACE TELESCOPE INTEGRATED SCIENCE INSTRUMENT MODULE AND ASSOCIATED GROUND SUPPORT EQUIPMENT STRUCTURAL ALIGNMENT REQUIREMENTS. In: OPTICAL SYSTEM ALIGNMENT, TOLERANCING, AND VERIFICATION IV. Conference on Optical System Alignment, Tolerancing, and Verification IV; AUG 01-02, 2010; San Diego, CA. 2010. p. 9.
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  3. Quijada M, Bousquet R, Garrison M, Perrygo C, Threat F, Rashford R. OPTICAL COATING PERFORMANCE FOR HEAT REFLECTORS OF JWST-ISIM ELECTRONIC COMPONENT - ART. NO. 70103G. In: SPACE TELESCOPES AND INSTRUMENTATION 2008: OPTICAL, INFRARED, AND MILLIMETER, PTS 1 AND 2. Conference on Space Telescopes and Instrumentation 2008 - Optical, Infrared and Millimeter; JUN 23-28, 2008; Marseille, FRANCE. 2008. p. G103-G103.
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