Lo, Kwok-wai

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  2. Hansen J, Ruedy R, Sato M, Lo K. GLOBAL SURFACE TEMPERATURE CHANGE. Rev. Geophys. 2010;48 29.
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  3. Schmidt G, Ruedy R, Hansen J, Aleinov I, Bell N, Bauer M, Bauer S, Cairns B, Canuto V, Cheng Y, Del Genio A, Faluvegi G, Friend A, Hall T, Hu Y, Kelley M, Kiang N, Koch D, Lacis A, Lerner J, Lo K, Miller R, Nazarenko L, Oinas V, Perlwitz J, Perlwitz J, Rind D, Romanou A, Russell G, Sato M, Shindell D, Stone P, Sun S, Tausnev N, Thresher D, Yao M. PRESENT-DAY ATMOSPHERIC SIMULATIONS USING GISS MODELE: COMPARISON TO IN SITU, SATELLITE, AND REANALYSIS DATA. J. Clim. 2006;19 (2):153-192.
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