Nguyen, Lan-Trang N.

  1. Waczynski A, Barbier R, Cagiano S, Chen J, Cheung S, Cho H, Cillis A, Clemens J, Dawson O, Delo G, Farris M, Feizi A, Foltz R, Hickey M, Holmes W, Hwang T, Israellson U, Jhabvala M, Kahle D, Kan E, Kan E, Loose M, Lotkin G, Miko L, Nguyen L, Piquette E, Powers T, Pravdo S, Runkle A, Seiffert M, Strada P, Tucker C, Turck K, Wang F, Weber C, Williams J. PERFORMANCE OVERVIEW OF THE EUCLID INFRARED FOCAL PLANE DETECTOR SUBSYSTEMS. In: HIGH ENERGY, OPTICAL, AND INFRARED DETECTORS FOR ASTRONOMY VII. Conference on High Energy, Optical, and Infrared Detectors for Astronomy VII; JUN 26-29, 2016; Edinburgh, SCOTLAND. 2016. p. 17.
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  2. Lakew B, Aslam S, Brasunas J, Cao N, Costen N, La A, Nguyen L, Stevenson T, Waczynski A. MGB2 THIN-FILM BOLOMETER FOR APPLICATIONS IN FAR-INFRARED INSTRUMENTS ON FUTURE PLANETARY MISSIONS. Physica C: Superconductivity. 2012;483 119-126.
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