Hawk, Douglas L.

  1. Woronowicz M, Abel J, Autrey D, Blackmon R, Bond T, Brown M, Buffington J, Cheng E, DeLatte D, Garcia K, Glenn J, Hawk D, Ma J, Mohammed J, de Garcia K, Perry R, Rossetti D, Tull K, Warren E. ANALYTICAL AND EXPERIMENTAL STUDIES OF LEAK LOCATION AND ENVIRONMENT CHARACTERIZATION FOR THE INTERNATIONAL SPACE STATION. In: PROCEEDINGS OF THE 29TH INTERNATIONAL SYMPOSIUM ON RAREFIED GAS DYNAMICS. 29th International Symposium on Rarefi ed Gas Dynamics (RGD); JUL 13-18, 2014; Xian, CZECH REPUBLIC. 2014. p. 547-554.
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  2. Hill J, Black J, Brieda L, Dickens P, Montt de Garcia K, Hawk D, Hayato A, Jahoda K, Mohammed J. LIFETIME ESTIMATION OF A TIME PROJECTION CHAMBER X-RAY POLARIMETER. In: UV, X-RAY, AND GAMMA-RAY SPACE INSTRUMENTATION FOR ASTRONOMY XVIII. Conference on UV, X-Ray, and Gamma-Ray Space Instrumentation for Astronomy XVIII; AUG 25-26, 2013; San Diego, CA. 2013. p. 14.
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