Young, Eric J M

  1. Rowland D, Collier M, Sigwarth J, Jones S, Hill J, Benson R, Choi M, Chornay D, Cooper J, Feng S, Gill N, Goodloe C, Han L, Hancock H, Hunsaker F, Jones N, Keller J, Klenzing J, Kleyner I, Moore T, Ogilvie K, Pfaff R, Price T, Roman J, Rodruiguez M, Rozmarynowski P, Saulino M, Sheikh S, Simms K, Yew A, Young E, Kujawski J, Boudreaux M, Casas J, Myre D, Smith B. SCIENCE OF OPPORTUNITY: HELIOPHYSICS ON THE FASTSAT MISSION AND STP-S26. In: Aerospace Conference, 2011 IEEE. Aerospace Conference, 2011 IEEE; 5-12 March 2011; 2011. p. 1-12.
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  2. Clark P, Millar P, Beaman B, Yeh P, Cooper L, Feng S, Young E. ULTRA LOW TEMPERATURE ULTRA LOW POWER INSTRUMENT PACKAGES FOR PLANETARY SURFACES. In: Proceedings of Space, Propulsion & Energy Sciences International Forum. Space, Propulsion & Energy Sciences International Forum SPESIF 2010; 23-25 Feb. 2010; Laurel, Maryland (USA). 2010. p. 541-548.
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  3. Clarke P, Millar P, Yeh P, Cooper L, Beaman S, Feng S, Ku J, Young E, Johnson M. TECHNOLOGICAL OPTIMIZED INSTRUMENT PACKAGES FOR LUNAR SURFACE SCIENCE. In: LPI Contribution. Annual meeting of the Lunar Exploration Analysis Group; Nov. 16-19, 2009; Houston, TX, USA, United States,. 2009. p. 8.
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