Pinheiro, Ana Cristina Torre

  1. Pinheiro A, Descloitres J, Privette J, Susskind J, Iredell L, Schmaltz J. NEAR-REAL TIME RETRIEVALS OF LAND SURFACE TEMPERATURE WITHIN THE MODIS RAPID RESPONSE SYSTEM. Remote Sens. Environ. 2007;106 (3):326-336.
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  2. Pinheiro A, Mahoney R, Privette J, Tucker C. DEVELOPMENT OF A DAILY LONG TERM RECORD OF NOAA-14 AVHRR LAND SURFACE TEMPERATURE OVER AFRICA. Remote Sens. Environ. 2006;103 (2):153-164.
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  3. Pinheiro A, Privette J, Guillevic P. MODELING THE OBSERVED ANGULAR ANISOTROPY OF LAND SURFACE TEMPERATURE IN A SAVANNA. IEEE Trans. Geosci. Remote Sensing. 2006;44 (4):1036-1047.
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