Li, Xiang

  1. Li X, Danell R, Brinckerhoff W, Pinnick V, van Amerom F, Arevalo R, Getty S, Mahaffy P, Steininger H, Goesmann F. DETECTION OF TRACE ORGANICS IN MARS ANALOG SAMPLES CONTAINING PERCHLORATE BY LASER DESORPTION/IONIZATION MASS SPECTROMETRY. Astrobiology. 2015;15 (2):104-110.
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  2. Getty S, Brinckerhoff W, Li X, Elsila J, Cornish T, Ecelberger S, Wu Q, Zare R. COMPACT TANDEM TWO-STEP LASER TIME-OF-FLIGHT MASS SPECTROMETER FOR IN SITU ANALYSIS OF NON-VOLATILE ORGANICS ON PLANETARY SURFACES. In: Aerospace Conference, 2014 IEEE. Aerospace Conference, 2014 IEEE; MARCH 2014; 2014. p. 1-6.
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