Uribe, Paulo Fernando

  1. Simoes F, Pfaff R, Freudenreich H, Klenzing J, Rowland D, Bromund K, Kepko L, Le G, Liebrecht M, Martin S, Uribe P. EQUATORIAL IONOSPHERE SEMIANNUAL OSCILLATION INVESTIGATED FROM SCHUMANN RESONANCE MEASUREMENTS ON BOARD THE C/NOFS SATELLITE. J. Geophys. Res.-Atmos. 2013;118 (21):12045-12051.
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  2. Simoes F, Klenzing J, Ivanov S, Pfaff R, Freudenreich H, Bilitza D, Rowland D, Bromund K, Liebrecht M, Martin S, Schuck P, Uribe P, Yokoyama T. DETECTION OF IONOSPHERIC ALFVEN RESONATOR SIGNATURES IN THE EQUATORIAL IONOSPHERE. J. Geophys. Res-Space Phys. 2012;117 12.
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