Meyer, Stephen E.

  1. Jhabvala M, Franz D, King T, Kletetschka G, Kutyrev A, Li M, Meyer S, Moseley S, Schwinger S, Silverberg R. DEVELOPMENT AND OPERATION OF THE MICROSHUTTER ARRAY SYSTEM. In: MICRO (MEMS) AND NANOTECHNOLOGIES FOR SPACE, DEFENSE, AND SECURITY II. 2nd Conference on Micro (MEMS) and Nanotechnologies for Space, Defense, and Security; MAR 18-20, 2008; Orlando, FL. 2008. p. C9590-C9590.
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  2. Li M, Adachi T, Allen C, Babu S, Bajikar S, Beamesderfer M, Bradley R, Costen N, Denis K, Ewin A, Franz D, Hess L, Hu R, Jackson K, Jhabvala M, Kelly D, King T, Kletetschka G, Kutyrev A, Lynch B, Meyer S, Miller T, Moseley S, Mikula V, Mott B, Oh L, Pontius J, Rapchun D, Ray C, Schwinger S, Shu P, Silverberg R, Smith W, Snodgrass S, Sohl D, Sparr L, Steptoe-Jackson R, Thate R, Wang F, Wang L, Zheng Y, Zincke C. MICROSHUTTER ARRAY SYSTEM FOR JAMES WEBB SPACE TELESCOPE - ART. NO. 668709. In: UV/OPTICAL/IR SPACE TELESCOPES: INNOVATIVE TECHNOLOGIES AND CONCEPTS III. Conference on UV/Optical/IR Space Telescopes: Innovative Technologies and Concepts III; AUG 26-29, 2007; San Diego, CA. 2007. p. 68709-68709.
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  3. Buchner S, Rapchun D, Moseley H, Meyer S, Oldham T, Ray K, Tuttle J, Quinn E, Buchanan E, Bloom D, Hait T, Pearce M, Beamer A. RESPONSE OF A MEMS MICROSHUTTER OPERATING AT 60 K TO IONIZING RADIATION. In: IEEE TRANSACTIONS ON NUCLEAR SCIENCE. 44th Annual IEEE International Nuclear and Space Radiation Effects Conference; JUL 23-27, 2007; Waikiki Beach, HI. 2007. p. 2463-2467.
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