Howard, Armando M.

  1. Danabasoglu G, Yeager S, Bailey D, Behrens E, Bentsen M, Bi D, Biastoch A, Böning C, Bozec A, Canuto V, Cassou C, Chassignet E, Coward A, Danilov S, Diansky N, Drange H, Farneti R, Fernandez E, Fogli P, Forget G, Fujii Y, Griffies S, Gusev A, Heimbach P, Howard A, Jung T, Kelley M, Large W, Leboissetier A, Lu J, Madec G, Marsland S, Masina S, Navarra A, Nurser A, Pirani A, y D, Samuels B, Scheinert M, Sidorenko D, Treguier A, Tsujino H, Uotila P, Valcke S, Voldoire A, Wang Q. NORTH ATLANTIC SIMULATIONS IN COORDINATED OCEAN-ICE REFERENCE EXPERIMENTS PHASE II (CORE-II). PART I: MEAN STATES. Ocean Modelling. 2014;73 76-107.
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  2. Cheng Y, Canuto V, Howard A. NONLOCAL CONVECTIVE PBL MODEL BASED ON NEW THIRD- AND FOURTH-ORDER MOMENTS. J. Atmos. Sci. 2005;62 (7):2189-2204.
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  3. Canuto V, Cheng Y, Howard A. WHAT CAUSES THE DIVERGENCES IN LOCAL SECOND-ORDER CLOSURE MODELS?. J. Atmos. Sci. 2005;62 (5):1645-1651.
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