Lupisella, Mark L.

  1. Lupisella M. CARING CAPACITY AND COSMOCULTURAL EVOLUTION: POTENTIAL MECHANISMS FOR ADVANCED ALTRUISM. In: Extraterrestrial Altruism. Vakoch D, editor. Springer; 2014.
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  2. Glavin D, Dworkin J, Lupisella M, Williams D, Kminek G, Rummel J. IN SITU BIOLOGICAL CONTAMINATION STUDIES OF THE MOON: IMPLICATIONS FOR PLANETARY PROTECTION AND LIFE DETECTION MISSIONS. Earth, Moon, and Planets. 2010;107 (1):87-93.
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  3. Lupisella M, Eppler D, Arnold L, Landis R, Gates M, Hovland S, Foing B, Olds J, Depasquale D, Lewis R, Hyatt M, Conley C, Mandl D, Talabac S, McNamara K, Perino M, Alkalai L, Morrow C, Burke J. ADDRESSING INTERNATIONAL LUNAR SURFACE OPERATIONS. In: Joint Annual Meeting of LEAG-ICEUM-SRR (LPI Contribution No. 1446). Joint Annual Meeting of LEAG-ICEUM-SRR; 28-31 Oct. 2008; Cape Canaveral, FL, USA. 2009.
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