Wesenberg, Richard P.

  1. Gopalswamy N, Davila J, Auchere F, Schou J, Korendyke C, Shih A, Johnston J, MacDowall R, Maksimovic M, Sittler E, Szabo A, Wesenberg R, Vennerstrom S, Heber B. EARTH-AFFECTING SOLAR CAUSES OBSERVATORY (EASCO): A MISSION AT THE SUN-EARTH L5. In: SOLAR PHYSICS AND SPACE WEATHER INSTRUMENTATION IV. Conference on Solar Physics and Space Weather Instrumentation IV; AUG 21-24, 2011; San Diego, CA. 2011. p. 12.
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  2. Curtis S, Brandt M, Bowers G, Brown G, Cheung C, Cooperider C, Desch M, Desch N, Dorband J, Gregory K, Lee K, Lunsford A, Minetto F, Truszkowski W, Wesenberg R, Vranish J, Abrahantes M, Clark P, Capon T, Weaker M, Watson R, Olivier P, Rilee M. TETRAHEDRAL ROBOTICS FOR SPACE EXPLORATION. In: 2007 IEEE AEROSPACE CONFERENCE, VOLS 1-9. 2007 IEEE Aerospace Conference; MAR 03-10, 2007; Big Sky, MT. 2007. p. 69-77.
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