Bowers, Charles W.

  1. Keski-Kuha R, Bowers C, Quijada M, Heaney J, Gallagher B, McKay A, Stevenson I. JAMES WEBB SPACE TELESCOPE OPTICAL TELESCOPE ELEMENT MIRROR COATINGS. In: SPACE TELESCOPES AND INSTRUMENTATION 2012: OPTICAL, INFRARED, AND MILLIMETER WAVE. Conference on Space Telescopes and Instrumentation - Optical, Infrared, and Millimeter Wave; JUL 01-06, 2012; Amsterdam, NETHERLANDS. 2012. p. 12.
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  2. Brown T, Smith E, Ferguson H, Sweigart A, Kimble R, Bowers C. DEARTH OF UV-BRIGHT STARS IN M32: IMPLICATIONS FOR STELLAR EVOLUTION THEORY. Astrophys. J. 2008;682 (1):319-335.
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  3. Feinberg L, Dean B, Aronstein D, Bowers C, Hayden W, Lyon R, Shiri R, Smith J, Acton D, Carey L, Contos A, Sabatke E, Schwenker J, Shields D, Towell T, Shi F, Meza L. TRL-6 FOR JWST WAVEFRONT SENSING AND CONTROL - ART. NO. 668708. In: UV/OPTICAL/IR SPACE TELESCOPES: INNOVATIVE TECHNOLOGIES AND CONCEPTS III. Conference on UV/Optical/IR Space Telescopes: Innovative Technologies and Concepts III; AUG 26-29, 2007; San Diego, CA. 2007. p. 68708-68708.
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