Amatucci, Edward G.

  1. McElwain M, Mandell A, Woodgate B, Spiegel D, Madhusudhan N, Amatucci E, Blake C, Budinoff J, Burgasser A, Burrows A, Clampin M, Conroy C, Deming L, Dunham E, Foltz R, Gong Q, Knutson H, Muench T, Murray-Clay R, Peabody H, Rauscher B, Rinehart S, Villanueva G. NIMBUS: THE NEAR-INFRARED MULTI-BAND ULTRAPRECISE SPECTROIMAGER FOR SOFIA. In: GROUND-BASED AND AIRBORNE INSTRUMENTATION FOR ASTRONOMY IV. Conference on Ground-Based and Airborne Telescopes IV; JUL 01-06, 2012; Amsterdam, NETHERLANDS. 2012. p. 14.
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