Shreves, Christopher M.

  1. Dennehy C, Yuchnovicz D, Lanzi R, Ward P, Shreves C. DESIGN EXPERIENCES AND FLIGHT TEST RESULTS FROM NASA'S MAX LAUNCH ABORT SYSTEM (MLAS): A FLIGHT MECHANICS PERSPECTIVE. In: GUIDANCE AND CONTROL 2010. 33rd Annual AAS Rocky Mountain Guidance and Control Conference; FEB 05-10, 2010; Breckenridge, CO. 2010. p. 675-701.
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  2. Kerzhanovich V, Cutts J, Cooper H, Hall J, McDonald B, Pauken M, White C, Yavrouian A, Castano A, Cathey H, Fairbrother D, Smith I, Shreves C, Lachenmeier T, Rainwater E, Smith M. BREAKTHROUGH IN MARS BALLOON TECHNOLOGY. ADV SPACE RES. 2004;33 (10):1836-1841.
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  3. Said M, Stuchlik D, Corbin B, Smolinski M, Abresch B, Shreves C, Stancil R, Cathey H, Cannon S. OVERVIEW OF THE DEVELOPMENT OF THE PATHFINDER ULTRA-LONG DURATION BALLOON SYSTEM. ADV SPACE RES. 2004;33 (10):1627-1632.
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