Takacs, Lawrence L.

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  2. Read W, Lambert A, Bacmeister J, Cofield R, Christensen L, Cuddy D, Daffer W, Drouin B, Fetzer E, Froidevaux L, Fuller R, Herman R, Jarnot R, Jiang J, Jiang Y, Kelly K, Knosp B, Kovalenko L, Livesey N, Liu H, Manney G, Pickett H, Pumphrey H, Rosenlof K, Sabounchi X, Santee M, Schwartz M, Snyder W, Stek P, Su H, Takacs L, Thurstans R, Vomel H, Wagner P, Waters J, Webster C, Weinstock E, Wu D. AURA MICROWAVE LIMB SOUNDER UPPER TROPOSPHERIC AND LOWER STRATOSPHERIC H2O AND RELATIVE HUMIDITY WITH RESPECT TO ICE VALIDATION. J. Geophys. Res.-Atmos. 2007;112 (D24):29.
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  3. Manney G, Daffer W, Zawodny J, Bernath P, Hoppel K, Walker K, Knosp B, Boone C, Remsberg E, Santee M, Harvey V, Pawson S, Jackson D, Deaver L, McElroy C, McLinden C, Drummond J, Pumphrey H, Lambert A, Schwartz M, Froidevaux L, McLeod S, Takacs L, Suarez M, Trepte C, Cuddy D, Livesey N, Harwood R, Waters J. SOLAR OCCULTATION SATELLITE DATA AND DERIVED METEOROLOGICAL PRODUCTS: SAMPLING ISSUES AND COMPARISONS WITH AURA MICROWAVE LIMB SOUNDER. J. Geophys. Res.-Atmos. 2007;112 (D24):27.
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