Fong, Wai H.

  1. Sun X, Skillman D, Hoffman E, Mao D, McGarry J, Neumann G, McIntire L, Zellar R, Davidson F, Fong W, Krainak M, Zuber M, Smith D. SIMULTANEOUS LASER RANGING AND COMMUNICATION FROM AN EARTH-BASED SATELLITE LASER RANGING STATION TO THE LUNAR RECONNAISSANCE ORBITER IN LUNAR ORBIT. In: FREE-SPACE LASER COMMUNICATION AND ATMOSPHERIC PROPAGATION XXV. Conference on Free-Space Laser Communication and Atmospheric Propagation XXV; FEB 05-07, 2013; San Francisco, CA. 2013. p. 12.
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  2. Song S, Lin S, Abdel-Ghaffar K, Ding Z, Fong W, Fossorier M. BURST DECODING OF CYCLIC CODES BASED ON CIRCULANT PARITY-CHECK MATRICES. IEEE Trans. Inf. Theory. 2010;56 (3):1038-1047.
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  3. Krainak M, Chen J, Dabney P, Ferrara J, Fong W, Martino A, McGarry J, Merkowitz S, Principe C, Sun X, Zagwodzki T. DIRECT-DETECTION FREE-SPACE LASER TRANSCEIVER TEST-BED. In: FREE-SPACE LASER COMMUNICATION TECHNOLOGIES XX. Conference on Free-Space Laser Communication Technologies XX; JAN 24, 2008; San Jose, CA. 2008. p. 87703-87703.
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