Ollendorf, Stanford

  1. DiPirro M, Tuttle J, Ollendorf S, Mattern A, Leisawitz D, Jackson M, Francis J, Hait T, Cleveland P, Muheim D, Mastropietro A. HIGH FIDELITY CRYOTHERMAL TEST OF A SUBSCALE LARGE SPACE TELESCOPE. In: CRYOGENIC OPTICAL SYSTEMS AND INSTRUMENTS XII. Conference on Cryogenic Optical Systems and Instruments XII; AUG 26-27, 2007; San Diego, CA. 2007. p. 69202-69202.
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  2. Leisawitz D, Baker C, Barger A, Benford D, Blain A, Boyle R, Broderick R, Budinoff J, Carpenter J, Caverly R, Chen P, Cooley S, Cottinghain C, Crooke J, DiPietro D, DiPirro M, Femiano M, Ferrer A, Fischer J, Gardner J, Hallock L, Harris K, Hartman K, Harwit M, Hillenbrand L, Hyde T, Jones D, Kellogg J, Kogut A, Kuchner M, Lawson B, Lecha J, Lecha M, Mainzer A, Mannion J, Martino A, Mason P, Mather J, McDonald G, Mills R, Mundy L, Ollendorf S, Pellicciotti J, Quinn D, Rhee K, Rinehart S, Sauerwine T, Silverberg R, Smith T, Stacey G, Stahl H, Staguhn J, Tompkins S, TveekreM J, Wall S, Wilson M. SPACE INFRARED INTERFEROMETRIC TELESCOPE (SPIRIT): HIGH-RESOLUTION IMAGING AND SPECTROSCOPY IN THE FAR-INFRARED. Adv. Space Res. 2007;40 (5):689-703.
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  3. DiPirro M, Cottingham C, Boyle R, Ollendorf S, Leisawitz D. SPIRIT THERMAL SYSTEM - ART. NO. 66870D. In: UV/OPTICAL/IR SPACE TELESCOPES: INNOVATIVE TECHNOLOGIES AND CONCEPTS III. Conference on UV/Optical/IR Space Telescopes: Innovative Technologies and Concepts III; AUG 26-29, 2007; San Diego, CA. 2007. p. D6870-D6870.
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