Esper, Jaime

  1. Sandau R, Paxton L, Esper J. TRENDS AND VISIONS FOR SMALL SATELLITE MISSIONS. In: Small Satellites for Earth Observation. 2008.
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  2. Esper J. NEPTUNE/TRITON EXPLORER MISSION: A CONCEPT FEASIBILITY STUDY. Acta Astronaut. 2006;59 (8-11):627-637.
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  3. Esper J, Gervin J, Kirchman F, Middleton E, Knox R, Gregg W, Mannino A, McClain C, Herman J, Hall F. LOW/MEDIUM DENSITY BIOMASS, COASTAL AND OCEAN CARBON: A CARBON CYCLE MISSION. Acta Astronaut. 2005;56 (1-2):25-34.
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