Cleveland, Keith Alan

  1. Rauscher B, Stahle C, Hill R, Greenhouse M, Beletic J, Babu S, Blake P, Cleveland K, Cofie E, Eegholm B, Engelbracht C, Hall D, Hoffman A, Jeffers B, Jhabvala C, Kimble R, Kohn S, Kopp R, Lee D, Leidecker H, Lindler D, McMurray R, Misselt K, Mott D, Ohl R, Pipher J, Piquette E, Polis D, Pontius J, Rieke M, Smith R, Tennant W, Wang L, Wen Y, Willmer C, Zandian M. COMMENTARY: JWST NEAR-INFRARED DETECTOR DEGRADATION-FINDING THE PROBLEM, FIXING THE PROBLEM, AND MOVING FORWARD. AIP Adv. 2012;2 (2):18.
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