Mesarch, Michael A.

  1. Collier M, Vondrak R, Hoyt R, Mesarch M, Farrell W, Keller J, Clark P, Petro N, Hwang K. TETHERED LUNAR SUBSATELLITES FOR MULTIPOINT AND LOW ALTITUDE MEASUREMENTS. Acta Astronautica. 2016;128
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  2. Vondrak R, Keller J, Chin G, Garvin J, Rice J, Petro N, Mesarch M. LUNAR RECONNAISSANCE ORBITER; PLANS FOR THE SCIENCE PHASE. In: Abstracts of Papers Submitted to the Lunar and Planetary Science Conference. Forty-second lunar and planetary science conference; March 7-11, 2011; Woodlands, TX, USA, United States. 2011. 2065.
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  3. Folta D, Mesarch M, Miller R. LUNAR RELAY MISSION DESIGN AND NAVIGATION INITIATIVE USING EXISTING NASA RESOURCES. In: SPACEFLIGHT MECHANICS 2008, VOL 130, PTS 1 AND 2. AAS/AIAA 18th Space Flight Mechanics Meeting; JAN 28-FEB 01, 2008; Galveston, TX. 2008. p. 41-59.
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