Patrick, Edward L.

  1. Cui J, Yelle R, Vuitton V, Waite J, Kasprzak W, Gell D, Niemann H, Mueller-Wodarg I, Borggren N, Fletcher G, Patrick E, Raaen E, Magee B. ANALYSIS OF TITAN'S NEUTRAL UPPER ATMOSPHERE FROM CASSINI ION NEUTRAL MASS SPECTROMETER MEASUREMENTS. Icarus. 2008;200 (2):581-615.
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  2. Glavin D, ten Kate I, Brinckerhoff W, Cardiff E, Dworkin J, Feng S, Fristad K, Gorevan S, Harpold D, Jones A, Mahaffy P, Martin D, Moore M, Patrick E, Roberts D, Roman P, Stephenson T. VOLATILE ANALYSIS BY PYROLYSIS OF REGOLITH (VAPOR) ON THE MOON USING MASS SPECTROMETRY. In: Abstracts of Papers Submitted to the Lunar and Planetary Science Conference. Thirty-ninth lunar and planetary science; March 10-14, 2008; Houston, TX, United States. 2008. Abstract 1097.
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  3. Earle G, Klenzing J, Roddy P, Macaulay W, Perdue M, Patrick E. NEW SATELLITE-BORNE NEUTRAL WIND INSTRUMENT FOR THERMOSPHERIC DIAGNOSTICS. Rev. Sci. Instrum. 2007;78 (11):7.
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