Quinn, David A.

  1. Razzaghi A, Di Pietro D, Quinn D, Simon-Miller A, Tompkins S. MISSION CONCEPTS FOR STUDYING ENCELADUS. In: SPACE TECHNOLOGY AND APPLICATIONS INTERNATIONAL FORUM STAIF 2008. Space Technology and Applications International Forum (STAIF-2008); FEB 10-14, 2008; Albuquerque, NM. 2008. p. 388-395.
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  2. Leisawitz D, Baker C, Barger A, Benford D, Blain A, Boyle R, Broderick R, Budinoff J, Carpenter J, Caverly R, Chen P, Cooley S, Cottinghain C, Crooke J, DiPietro D, DiPirro M, Femiano M, Ferrer A, Fischer J, Gardner J, Hallock L, Harris K, Hartman K, Harwit M, Hillenbrand L, Hyde T, Jones D, Kellogg J, Kogut A, Kuchner M, Lawson B, Lecha J, Lecha M, Mainzer A, Mannion J, Martino A, Mason P, Mather J, McDonald G, Mills R, Mundy L, Ollendorf S, Pellicciotti J, Quinn D, Rhee K, Rinehart S, Sauerwine T, Silverberg R, Smith T, Stacey G, Stahl H, Staguhn J, Tompkins S, TveekreM J, Wall S, Wilson M. SPACE INFRARED INTERFEROMETRIC TELESCOPE (SPIRIT): HIGH-RESOLUTION IMAGING AND SPECTROSCOPY IN THE FAR-INFRARED. Adv. Space Res. 2007;40 (5):689-703.
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  3. Lorenzini E, Bombardelli C, Cosmo M, Harwit M, Leisawitz D, Farley R, Rinehart S, Quinn D, Miller D. FAR-INFRARED/SUBMILLIMETER ASTRONOMICAL INTERFEROMETRY WITH SPACEBORNE TETHER FORMATIONS. Astrophys. Space Sci. 2006;302 (1-4):225-239.
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