James, Bryan Lamar

  1. Canavan E, James B, Hait T, Oliver A, Sullivan D. ASTRO-H HIGH TEMPERATURE SUPERCONDUCTOR LEAD ASSEMBLIES. Cryogenics. 2014;64 194-200.
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  2. James B, Martinez R, Shirron P, Tuttle J, Galassi N, McGuinness D, Puckett D, Francis J, Flom Y. MECHANICAL TENSILE TESTING OF TITANIUM 15-3-3-3 AND KEVLAR 49 AT CRYOGENIC TEMPERATURES. In: ADVANCES IN CRYOGENIC ENGINEERING, VOL 58. Joint Conference on Transactions of the Cryogenic Engineering Conference (CEC)/International Cryogenic Materials Conference (ICMC); JUN 13-17, 2011; Spokane, WA. 2012. p. 78-85.
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