Liu, Frank X.

  1. Markley F, Reynolds R, Liu F, Lebsock K. MAXIMUM TORQUE AND MOMENTUM ENVELOPES FOR REACTION-WHEEL ARRAYS. In: JOURNAL OF GUIDANCE CONTROL AND DYNAMICS. AIAA Guidance, Navigation and Control Conference; AUG 10-13, 2009; Chicago, IL. 2010. p. 1606-1614.
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  2. Muheim D, Menzel M, Mosier G, Howard J, Irish S, Maghami P, Mehalick K, Parrish K, Pitman J, Thomson S, Asuquo C, Blaurock C, Congedo C, Ha K, Holmes N, Liu F, McGinnis M, Mariconti S, May C, Russell B, Sanders J, Shiri S, Smith J, Skelton D. UPDATE ON THE ROLE OF SYSTEMS MODELING IN THE DESIGN AND VERIFICATION OF THE JAMES WEBB SPACE TELESCOPE. In: MODELING, SYSTEMS ENGINEERING, AND PROJECT MANAGEMENT FOR ASTRONOMY IV. Conference on Modeling, Systems Engineering and Project Management for Astronomy IV; JUN 27-JUL 01, 2010; San Diego, CA. 2010. p. 13.
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