Smith, Gilbert R.

  1. Ding L, Kowalewski M, Cooper J, Smith G, Barnes R, Waluschka E, Butler J. DEVELOPMENT AND PERFORMANCE OF A FILTER RADIOMETER MONITOR SYSTEM FOR INTEGRATING SPHERE SOURCES. Opt. Eng. 2011;50 (11):12.
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  2. Iglesias-Paramo J, Buat V, Hernandez-Fernandez J, Xu C, Burgarella D, Takeuchi T, Boselli A, Shupe D, Rowan-Robinson M, Babbedge T, Conrow T, Fang F, Farrah D, Gonzalez-Solares E, Lonsdale C, Smith G, Surace J, Barlow T, Forster K, Friedman P, Martin D, Morrissey P, Neff S, Schiminovich D, Seibert M, Small T, Wyder T, Bianchi L, Donas J, Heckman T, Lee Y, Madore B, Milliard B, Rich R, Szalay A, Welsh B, Yi S. UV TO IR SEDS OF UV-SELECTED GALAXIES IN THE ELAIS FIELDS: EVOLUTION OF DUST ATTENUATION AND STAR FORMATION ACTIVITY FROM Z=0.7 TO 0.2. Astrophys. J. 2007;670 (1):279-294.
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