Caverly, Richard S.

  1. Zaleski R, Mirczak W, Staich S, Caverly R, Smith E, Teti N, Vaught W, Olney D. INNOVATIVE APPROACH ENABLED THE RETIREMENT OF TDRS-1 COMPLIANT WITH NASA ORBITAL DEBRIS REQUIREMENTS. In: Aerospace Conference, 2011 IEEE. Aerospace Conference, 2011 IEEE; 5-12 March 2011; 2011. p. 1-22.
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  2. Leisawitz D, Baker C, Barger A, Benford D, Blain A, Boyle R, Broderick R, Budinoff J, Carpenter J, Caverly R, Chen P, Cooley S, Cottinghain C, Crooke J, DiPietro D, DiPirro M, Femiano M, Ferrer A, Fischer J, Gardner J, Hallock L, Harris K, Hartman K, Harwit M, Hillenbrand L, Hyde T, Jones D, Kellogg J, Kogut A, Kuchner M, Lawson B, Lecha J, Lecha M, Mainzer A, Mannion J, Martino A, Mason P, Mather J, McDonald G, Mills R, Mundy L, Ollendorf S, Pellicciotti J, Quinn D, Rhee K, Rinehart S, Sauerwine T, Silverberg R, Smith T, Stacey G, Stahl H, Staguhn J, Tompkins S, TveekreM J, Wall S, Wilson M. SPACE INFRARED INTERFEROMETRIC TELESCOPE (SPIRIT): HIGH-RESOLUTION IMAGING AND SPECTROSCOPY IN THE FAR-INFRARED. Adv. Space Res. 2007;40 (5):689-703.
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