Peeters, Alexander Philip Ari

  1. Peeters Z, Hudson R, Moore M, Lewis A. FORMATION AND STABILITY OF CARBONIC ACID ON OUTER SOLAR SYSTEM BODIES. Icarus. 2010;210 (1):480-487.
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  2. Peeters Z, Hudson R, Moore M. CARBONIC ACID STABILITY IN SOLAR SYSTEM ICES. In: Abstracts of Papers Submitted to the Lunar and Planetary Science Conference. Fortieth lunar and planetary science conference; March 23-27, 2009; Houston, TX, USA, United States. 2009. p. 2561.
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  3. Peeters Z, Quinn R, Martins Z, Sephton M, Becker L, van Loosdrecht M, Brucato J, Grunthaner F, Ehrenfreund P. HABITABILITY ON PLANETARY SURFACES: INTERDISCIPLINARY PREPARATION PHASE FOR FUTURE MARS MISSIONS. Int. J. Astrobiol. 2009;8 (4):301-315.
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