Hayden, William L.

  1. Feinberg L, Cohen L, Dean B, Hayden W, Howard J, Keski-Kuha R. SPACE TELESCOPE DESIGN CONSIDERATIONS. Opt. Eng. 2012;51 (1):9.
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  2. Howard J, Hayden B, Keski-Kuha R, Feinberg L. OPTICAL MODELING OF THE ALIGNMENT AND TEST OF THE NASA JAMES WEBB SPACE TELESCOPE. In: 2007 IEEE AEROSPACE CONFERENCE, VOLS 1-9. 2007 IEEE Aerospace Conference; MAR 03-10, 2007; Big Sky, MT. 2007. p. 1621-1626.
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  3. Feinberg L, Dean B, Aronstein D, Bowers C, Hayden W, Lyon R, Shiri R, Smith J, Acton D, Carey L, Contos A, Sabatke E, Schwenker J, Shields D, Towell T, Shi F, Meza L. TRL-6 FOR JWST WAVEFRONT SENSING AND CONTROL - ART. NO. 668708. In: UV/OPTICAL/IR SPACE TELESCOPES: INNOVATIVE TECHNOLOGIES AND CONCEPTS III. Conference on UV/Optical/IR Space Telescopes: Innovative Technologies and Concepts III; AUG 26-29, 2007; San Diego, CA. 2007. p. 68708-68708.
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