Hilton, George M.

  1. McElwain M, Perrin M, Gong Q, Wilkins A, Stapelfeldt K, Woodgate B, Brandt T, Heap S, Hilton G, Kruk J, Moody D, Trauger J. PISCES: AN INTEGRAL FIELD SPECTROGRAPH TO ADVANCE HIGH CONTRAST IMAGING TECHNOLOGIES. In: TECHNIQUES AND INSTRUMENTATION FOR DETECTION OF EXOPLANETS VI. Conference on Techniques and Instrumentation for Detection of Exoplanets VI; AUG 26-29, 2013; San Diego, CA. 2013. p. 15.
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  2. Bonfield D, Woodgate B, Grady C, Hilton G, White L, McCleary J. GFP-IFS: A CORONOGRAPHIC INTEGRAL FIELD SPECTROGRAPH FOR THE APO 3.5-METER TELESCOPE. In: GROUND-BASED AND AIRBORNE INSTRUMENTATION FOR ASTRONOMY II, PTS 1-4. Conference on Ground-Based and Airborne Instrumentation for Astronomy II; JUN 23-28, 2008; Marseille, FRANCE. 2008. p. W146-W146.
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  3. Woodgate B, Mentzell E, Hilton G, Lindler D. INTEGRAL FIELD SPECTROGRAPH DESIGN CONCEPT FOR THE TERRESTRIAL PLANET FINDER CORONAGRAPH. New Astron. Rev. 2006;50 (4-5):297-300.
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