Kovach, Robin M.

  1. Vernieres G, Kovach R, Keppenne C, Akella S, Brucker L, Dinnat E. IMPACT OF THE ASSIMILATION OF AQUARIUS SEA SURFACE SALINITY DATA IN THE GEOS OCEAN DATA ASSIMILATION SYSTEM. J. Geophys. Res.-Oceans. 2014;119 (10):6974-6987.
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  2. Keppenne C, Rienecker M, Jacob J, Kovach R. ERROR COVARIANCE MODELING IN THE GMAO OCEAN ENSEMBLE KALMAN FILTER. Mon. Weather Rev. 2008;136 (8):2964-2982.
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  3. Sun C, Rienecker M, Rosati A, Harrison M, Wittenberg A, Keppenne C, Jacob J, Kovach R. COMPARISON AND SENSITIVITY OF ODASI OCEAN ANALYSES IN THE TROPICAL PACIFIC. Mon. Weather Rev. 2007;135 (6):2242-2264.
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