Greeley, Bradford W.

  1. Davila P, Bos B, Cheng E, Chang B, Eichhorn W, Frey B, Garza M, Gong Q, Greeley B, Guzek J, Hakun C, Hovmand L, Kirk J, Kubalak D, Leviton D, Nagle A, Nyquist R, Pham T, Robinson F, Sabatke D, Sullivan J, Volmer P, VonHandorf R, Youngworth R. OPTICAL TELESCOPE ELEMENT SIMULATOR FOR THE JAMES WEBB SPACE TELESCOPE - ART. NO. 70103F. In: SPACE TELESCOPES AND INSTRUMENTATION 2008: OPTICAL, INFRARED, AND MILLIMETER, PTS 1 AND 2. Conference on Space Telescopes and Instrumentation 2008 - Optical, Infrared and Millimeter; JUN 23-28, 2008; Marseille, FRANCE. 2008. p. F103-F103.
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