Sanders, James A.

  1. Saif B, Chaney D, Smith W, Greenfield P, Hack W, Bluth J, Van Otten A, Bluth M, Sanders J, Keski-Kuha R, Feinberg L, North-Morris M, Millerd J. NANOMETER LEVEL CHARACTERIZATION OF THE JAMES WEBB SPACE TELESCOPE OPTOMECHANICAL SYSTEMS USING HIGH-SPEED INTERFEROMETRY. Appl. Optics. 2015;54 (13):4285-4298.
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  2. Hill J, Baker R, Black J, Browne M, Baumgartner W, Caldwell E, Cantwell J, Davies A, Desai A, Dickens P, Dobson N, Foxwell R, Francomacaro A, Gall D, Gregory K, Griffiths S, Hayato A, Hampshire R, Hwang T, Jhabvala M, Jahoda K, Kaaret P, Lehtonen S, Martin N, Mohammed J, de Garcia K, Morell A, Nolan D, Russell R, Sampson M, Sanders J, Simms K, Singer M, Swank J, Tamagawa T, Weaver A, Yerushalmi S, Xu J. DESIGN AND QUALIFICATION OF THE GEMS X-RAY POLARIMETERS. In: SPACE TELESCOPES AND INSTRUMENTATION 2012: ULTRAVIOLET TO GAMMA RAY. Conference on Space Telescopes and Instrumentation 2012 - Ultraviolet to Gamma Ray; JUL 01-06, 2012; Amsterdam, NETHERLANDS. 2012. p. 13.
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