Hsu, Oscar C. C.

  1. Mattson S, Bartels A, Boyd A, Calhoun P, Hsu O, McEwen A, Robinson M, Siskind J, Tran T. CONTINUING ANALYSIS OF SPACECRAFT JITTER IN LROC-NAC. In: Abstracts of Papers Submitted to the Lunar and Planetary Science Conference. Forty-second lunar and planetary science conference; March 7-11, 2011; Woodlands, TX, USA, United States. 2011. 2756.
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  2. Simpson J, Badgley J, McCaughey K, Brown K, Calhoun P, Davis E, Garrick J, Gill N, Hsu O, Jones N, Ortiz-Cruz G, Raymond J, Roder R, Shah N, Wilson J. INTEGRATION AND TESTING OF THE LUNAR RECONNAISSANCE ORBITER ATTITUDE CONTROL SYSTEM. In: Aerospace Conference, 2011 IEEE. Aerospace Conference, 2011 IEEE; 5-12 March 2011; 2011. p. 1-11.
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  3. Shah N, Calhoun P, Garrick J, Hsu O, Simpson J. LAUNCH AND COMMISSIONING OF THE LUNAR RECONNAISSANCE ORBITER (LRO). In: GUIDANCE AND CONTROL 2010. 33rd Annual AAS Rocky Mountain Guidance and Control Conference; FEB 05-10, 2010; Breckenridge, CO. 2010. p. 703-722.
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