Chiao, Meng P.

  1. Thomas N, Carter J, Chiao M, Chornay D, Collado-Vega Y, Collier M, Cravens T, Galeazzi M, Koutroumpa D, Kujawski J, Kuntz K, Kuznetsova M, Lepri S, McCammon D, Morgan K, Porter F, Prasai K, Read A, Robertson I, Sembay S, Sibeck D, Snowden S, Uprety Y, Walsh B. DXL AND STORM SOUNDING ROCKET MISSION. In: UV, X-RAY, AND GAMMA-RAY SPACE INSTRUMENTATION FOR ASTRONOMY XVIII. Conference on UV, X-Ray, and Gamma-Ray Space Instrumentation for Astronomy XVIII; AUG 25-26, 2013; San Diego, CA. 2013. p. 12.
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  2. Collier M, Porter F, Sibeck D, Carter J, Chiao M, Chornay D, Cravens T, Galeazzi M, Keller J, Koutroumpa D, Kuntz K, Read A, Robertson I, Sembay S, Snowden S, Thomas N. PROTOTYPING A GLOBAL SOFT X-RAY IMAGING INSTRUMENT FOR HELIOPHYSICS, PLANETARY SCIENCE, AND ASTROPHYSICS SCIENCE. Astro. Nachr. 2012;333 (4):378-382.
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  3. Galeazzi M, Chiao M, Collier M, Cravens T, Koutroumpa D, Kuntz K, Lepri S, McCammon D, Porter F, Prasai K, Robertson I, Snowden S, Uprety Y. DXL: A SOUNDING ROCKET MISSION FOR THE STUDY OF SOLAR WIND CHARGE EXCHANGE AND LOCAL HOT BUBBLE X-RAY EMISSION. Exp. Astron. 2011;32 (2):83-99.
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