Duffy, Daniel J.

  1. Schnase J, Duffy D, Tamkin G, Nadeau D, Thompson J, Grieg C, McInerney M, Webster W. MERRA ANALYTIC SERVICES: MEETING THE BIG DATA CHALLENGES OF CLIMATE SCIENCE THROUGH CLOUD-ENABLED CLIMATE ANALYTICS-AS-A-SERVICE. Computers, Environment and Urban Systems. 2014;in press
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  2. Zhou S, Cruz C, Duffy D, Tucker R, Purcell M. ACCELERATING CLIMATE AND WEATHER SIMULATIONS THROUGH HYBRID COMPUTING. Concurr. Comput.-Pract. Exp. 2012;24 (1 SI):54-61.
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  3. Zhou S, Duffy D, Clune T, Suarez M, Williams S, Halem M. IMPACT OF IBM CELL TECHNOLOGY ON THE PROGRAMMING PARADIGM IN THE CONTEXT OF COMPUTER SYSTEMS FOR CLIMATE AND WEATHER MODELS. Concurr. Comput.-Pract. Exp. 2009;21 (17 Sp. Iss. SI):2176-2186.
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